Living in a World without Magic



I can smell it already, what color I have on my palette.




Shinoda Mariko in LOVE MARY Dresses | Part 1 | Part 2

these are UNREAL

Manga dresses come to life


Game of Thrones Designs - Created by Chris Ables

Prints are available for these and many more at his Society6 Shop.

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Princess Jellyfish Cover Art

After hearing the same question over and over from friends and family — “Why aren’t you married yet?” — art director Suzanne Heintz got tired of it and set out to do something about it. She got herself a little family…of mannequins.

Over the course of 14 years and 10,000 miles of travel, she took her fake family everywhere and took all kinds of “family” pictures….

I loved the comment of Laura:

 She’s underlining the fact that for many people, a family seems to be little better than a trophy or badge to prove that someone has succeeded at fulfilling society’s expectations of them. How many families look great in photographs but are actually empty inside? The point is not to condemn family life, but to refuse to accept that a good life is simply one that looks good to other people.


let’s just appreciate the new outfit.

Lana Parrilla for Regard Magazine, April 2014

scarlett johansson + colors abound